Sunday, March 14, 2010

.Net Test Engineer

Job title: .Net Test Engineer
Type: Perm.
Location: Bengaluru/Bangalore
Required Experience:
Responsible for developing, implementing and executing automated tests utilizing the .Net Framework.
position requires developing automated testing plans; developing automated unit, functional, security, reliability and performance tests for components, services, databases and user interfaces; Identifying software defects and their root causes at a technical level;

•Experience developing functional tests for applications.
•Experience developing automated UI tests for applications (web and/or Windows) .
•Experience developing unit tests for .NET applications (Visual Studio Test).
•Experience using automated performance/load testing tools.
•Experience with Visual Studio Test Edition.
•Experience with .NET 2.0 (NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 technologies preferred) .
•Experience writing SQL and performing basic database administration on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.
•Experience analyzing application security and performing vulnerability assessments.

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mail your resumes at:

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