Friday, March 26, 2010

Production Planing

This is regarding job opening for one of the leading Manufacturing industries in chennai
Position: Production Planing ( Operating & Maintenance)
Degree: B.E
Experience: 3 - 15 Yrs
Salary: Open
Job Location: Chennai
Gender: Male
Age : 25 to 50 Yrs
Experience in running a tissue converting plant is a must. Ideal if they have been involved in the setting up of the plant also, other than only operating it.
Setting up a tissue converting plant, then operating and maintaining it. In future, other product lines like wet wipes, female sanitary products etc may also be included in the same facility. If candidate is suitable then we may consider him as Works head also. However this is dependednt on expereince and potential the candidate has. Our primary requirement is somebody who will help select suitable equipment for tissue conversion, then set it up and run it. Th expereince should not be on cheap low capacity Indian made machines and the experience should be on facilities where imported (chinese or european) machines have been operating.
Leadership qualities, Experience in team building, systems, commercial knoweledge wrt operations, and other qualities required while setting up a new facility.

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mail your resumes at:

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